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Network Solution
Explore the vast opportunities on Internet  

Enhance your corporate image with the Internet Solution that suit your organization.
Be it that you prefer to host your web/email server at your own office for better control over administration of the system and capacity, or you could approach us for a cost-effective web/email/application hosting package that fit your business web presence requirement.

What is needed if I want to host my own Internet email/web server?

The following are typically what you would need:

  • Server Hardware that will served as your web/email server platform
  • Server Operating System (such as Microsoft Windows 2003 Server or Linux) that comes with web server capability.
  • Email server software (such as Microsoft Exchange Server) would also be required if you are hosting your email
  • An Internet connection with at least One(1) fixed Public IP address allocated.
  • Register a domain name.
  • Typically a reliable vendor will be able to propose the above solution and provide the implementation service.


How do I connect to the Internet for my office users?

There are several option for connecting to Internet, these includes:

  • Analog Dial-up connection is typically more suitable for single user usage where the amount of files or emails to be downloaded or sent are small.
  • Broadband connection, such as, ADSL, SDSL, Cable. the speed/bandwidth of these type of connection are many times faster than a older type of connection such as, Analog Dial-up connection. These typically can serve a bigger group of users depending on the speed/bandwidth that is subscribed.
  • Lease Line connection is the most stable connection as compare to the above two and it provide Fixed IP addresses that can be used to host your internet email/web server.
    I need to know more of how to do this.


I have my Internet connection ready, and wanted to have Internet Email/Web Server implemented but am concern on the security matter, what do I do?

It is essential to have some form of Firewall implemented if the local network will be connected to the Internet especially if one of your server will be used as an Internet Email/Web Server. A VPN solution should also be evaluate if remote access capability is to be implemented as well.

However, as the security requirement are unique for each organization, it is recommended for you to contact your reliable vendor for assistance to size up the proposal.


I have my Internet Web Server running but how do I put my company profile for people to view over the Internet?

Great! Now that you have your web server working, you could either get your in-house IT guys to create the website using popular Microsoft Frontpage or Macromedia DreamWeaver or you can approach Web Developer to do up the website for you. We recommend the second option.


Now that I have everything running, I want to monitor my office from home, what is needed?

You will need a Video Surveillance Hardware and Software that provide you the capability to view your office over the Internet or phone line. Typically, the remote viewing over the Internet is most preferred.


I do not wish to host my Internet Email/Web Server, is there any option for me?

In this case, you can opt for a Web Hosting Package that enable people to view the web pages that you have created and, allowing you to send/receive email. You will also need to register a domain name.



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