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Network Solution
Network Solutions...

Local Area Network
With the implementation of a local area network (LAN), it would be possible to enable the sharing of expensive resources for a group of users connected. A LAN generally comprises of Computer Systems, Network Printers, Server Systems, Hubs or Network Switches and, the cabling that connect up all these equipments.

If your company does not have a LAN implemented, call us now and our Pre-sales personnel will be able to work out a proposal that fit your business needs.

WAN Connectivity
Thinking of connecting all your branch offices network together so as to enhance data communication between offices? Or are you looking for ways to connect your branch offices to your head office?

We will provide you with a solution to achieve the above so hesitate no more, fill up the request or call us.

Remote Access
Remote access solutions enable you to use company data/resources  even when you are not at the office. Depending on each individual business requirement, the remote access solution could range from a single line analog dial-in device to Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution. 



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