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Network Solution

Some of the implementations we have done...


Migration from Legacy Email system to MS Exchange Server

The organization was using legacy email system supporting about 400+ users but was faced with stability problem. The Microsoft Exchange was implemented to take over the role to provide both the Internal and remote users enabling communication with other Internet email users. The migration was done in two phase: In phase I, the MS Exchange Server was setup and the pilot user group is migrated for ensuring that system is well and good. In Phase II, the remaining are then migrated. The system was successfully commissioned.

Membership Management System

We have designed and developed a Membership Management Software System which enable the organization to manage their membership database. This include the reporting functions, billing functions, etc. It enable the administrator to facilitate the process of membership registration, update, monitoring.

Migration Linux Email Server to Microsoft Exchange Server

The company was having Linux server as their public email server and was faced with lost mail due to mis-configuration. For this customer, we assess the server configuration and network setup and subsequently, deem that the best solution is to migrate the existing mis-configured Linux Email system to another platform, i.e., Microsoft Exchange Server on Microsoft Windows 2000 Server. The migration was implemented without interruption to users' daily operation.

The migration took 2-days over the weekend inclusive of testing with remote users as well.

Wireless Connectivity
The two buildings are about 150m apart and laying fiber optic cable seems not appropriate for such situation after the site survey. So we have proposed to use the Wireless AP to link up the two buildings with a maximum possible bandwidth throughput of about 54Mbps. The wireless sets were implemented successfully and with minimal disruption to the existing network.

Leave Management System

The Leave Management Software System facilitate the work flow for leave processing. It enable the staff to apply leave via their computer system or even when at home. This system include functions such as, leave application, leave approval, leave reporting, etc. It enable the better tracking of staff's leave status, history, and records.

Recovery of Microsoft Exchange Server
The Microsoft Exchange Server was facing the Information Store being corrupted and thus was not able to perform its role as the Email server for the internal users and also processing Internet emails. Within 4-working hours, our engineer attended to the customer on-site and identify the cause of the failed email system. Subsequently, perform repair on the Email database and the 300 users are once again able to use their email facilities.

VPN Connectivity
The company is looking for a more secured way to connect to their internal network over the public Internet. We plan and deploy for them the suitable VPN/Firewall Box to provide the security taking care of the perimeter security and secured data transmission. The project was implemented in two phases.

Implementation of Firewall
The company public email server was being exploited and its resources have been mis-use by the  non-authorize users. We were call in to evaluate the situation when they have initially identify that the server was getting slower each day. Through some check and evaluation, the server's security was deem to be breached. Immediately, we implemented a Firewall System with configurable policy such as, SMTP/HTTP/POP proxies or filter to protect the Internal Network.

Implementation of the High-Speed Backbone for Different floors

The organization required a solution that would provide a unified network to facilitate the communication between office branches, and overseas office. The solution proposed include, inter-connecting the two office building which is within the same premises via Fiber Link and a more efficient network is created with the VLAN Segmentation that was configured. As for the remote/overseas offices, the connection is provided via ISDN router link or, Lease Line Router.

Internet Connectivity
As Internet access becomes so much as an essential tools for today businesses, we have implemented for many  SOHO and SME to leverage on the latest Internet Technologies, such as, ISDN Internet Access, xDSL Broadband connectivity, Internet Lease Line.

Project Management

We have provided  Project Management services to assist in relocating all the IT s equipments, including, PC Workstation, Printers, Servers, etc. Our Project Manager co-ordinate the relocation of the IT equipments and computer furniture to the new office ensuring that all thing will be in place and ready to be operational on schedule.



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